Human and Organizational Resources Development Center, (HORDC) was incorporated in 2007 as (Political and Administrative Resource Centre PARC). This organization was renamed as HORDC in 2013 to broaden its scope of operation and sphere of influence.

HORDC is a nongovernmental organization committed to providing free and heavily subsidized research, publishing and human resource development programmes services within Nigeria and indeed Africa in particular. We have excelled in the delivery of advocacies and capacity-building programmes for children, youths, women, persons with disabilities, politicians, public servants and professionals in both the public and private sectors.

HORDC’s broad objective is to improve the quality of human and organizational capacities to contribute towards sustainable and inclusive development in Africa.

To achieve this objective, HORDC engage in researches, facilitate production of researched literatures, conduct advocacies, and deliver various capacity-building programmes to all sections of the society: children, youths, women, persons with disabilities (PWDs), politicians, public administrators, CSOs, the media, the private sector and professional groups.

Our work is largely centered on providing intellectual resources, research support services and conducting advocacies to empower citizens and facilitate entrepreneurship and leadership capacity-building as well as promote the concept and practice of social inclusion at various levels of government, public institutions, the private sector, groups and individuals. Our work largely targets Africa as a whole. However, we are primarily working with local (grassroot) people and their institutions




Sustainable and inclusive development attained through qualitative human and organisational resources


Inspiring citizens, their organisations and governments through the provision and management of knowledge to initiate and adopt new approaches required for individual and institutional capacity strengthening for the purpose of gaining social, cultural, political and economic inclusion, access and participation.


Improving the capacity of citizens and their institutions in less developed countries to contribute towards, and benefit from sustainable and inclusive development.


  • To strengthen and sustain HORDC’s institutional, structural and systemic capacity to deliver on its mandates through innovative and effective staffing, management, financing, programming and partnership policies;
  • To promote innovative and pragmatic researches which address human and organizational development issues;
  • To provide publishing services and opportunities for the production and dissemination of new and existing literature which contribute to human and organizational development issues;
  • To provide innovative, effective, affordable and accessible programmes and services on human and organizational resources development through trainings and mentoring, institutional support, project management, policy management,
  • To facilitate knowledge sharing among citizens and organizations on variety of issues especially those which influence human and organizational development;
  • To support advocacies on issues which affect equal opportunities, inclusion and participation of citizens and their institutions in all spheres of human life.


  • Professionalism: HORDC shall display competence, efficiency and effectiveness with good attitude.
  • Relevance: HORDC shall ensure that all its activities and services are significantly responding and responsive to the interests, needs, aspirations, goals and vision of citizens, organisations and governments at all time.
  • Innovation: HORDC shall apply science and technology-based new, creative, relevant, functional and performance-driven methods and approaches in the discharge of its work.
  • Diversity: HORDC shall respond to the interests, needs, aspirations, goals and vision of diverse citizens, organizations and governments
  • Excellence: HORDC shall be committed to the promotion of merit, uniqueness, functionalism and performance as the basis for all its actions.

HORDC’s Core Values can be remembered by the acronym PRIDE.